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    Recent Public Art Projects is one of the top public art sources worldwide.  We are consulted on dozens of major public art projects
each year, and have extensive experience with the entire public art process, from initial selection to shipping and installation. 
We work with the most respected artists worldwide and provide unparalleled service and counsel in all public art arenas.

If you have a public or large scale project we may assist with, please e-mail
or call Benjamin Rodefer at 505-898-6803

Di Rosa Preserve

public art sculpture
Press and curatorial reception for new installations at the prestigious Di Rosa Preserve in Napa, CA.
William Wareham's "Roller" is in the foreground. Beyond the reception is Samuel Yates'
 65 foot untitled work, with a monumental Mark Di Suvero on the hill to the left.


Fourth Street Shopping District

Pablo by Mavis McClure - Public art installation
Installation of Mavis McClure's "Pablo" in the upscale Fourth Street Shopping District. "Pablo" is the first new
public sculpture installation in Berkeley since the 1970's. The installed example is #4 in an edition of 6.

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