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    Anne Marie Paul - Bronze Sculpture


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A N N E   M A R I E   P A U L

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1949                  Born in Nice, France on December 17 to a family of artists of Italian/Breton origin.


1965                  Abandons formal schooling to pursue drawing and painting in the family atelier.


1967-68             Paul presents her first work to Aimé Maeght at his foundation in St. Paul de Vence. Maeght, one of the world's most influential art patrons, encourages Paul and through their regular consultations, Paul decides to give volume to her drawings, to create bronze sculpture.  Paul also befriends Joan Miro at this time.



 1969-1973    1969-73             Works in the studios of several respected artists, including Louis Chavignier, and at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux
                        Arts with Etienne Martin and Cesar.            


                          Paul meets Alexander Calder, a relative by marriage, and she meets Georges Mathieu at this important juncture.


                          Exhibits at the Salon des Indépendants, and the Salon de Mai at the Musée d'Art Modern where her powerful bronze sculpture "L'Eternel Fiancé" will garner her the prestigious Prix de Rome.



1974-76            Paul is invited to reside for the recurring “scholarship" period of two years at the Villa Medicis of the Academie Française in Rome. Created by Louis XIV, the Rome Prize has been awarded to Debussy, Fragonard, Garnier and Degas in different art forms. The artists have access to the finest materials and enjoy a lavish life style, with private receptions for the great lights of contemporary Italian and French art: Fellini, Sergio Leone, François Rouan, among others.


                          Paul feels deeply privileged and honored to study directly under Balthus, whose personal vision of art and life will be perhaps the greatest influence on her work. The extreme refinement of the first bronze sculpture in an important series, "Woman With Flowers" derives directly from her contact with him and his tenure as director of the Villa.


                          * First Price in Bronze Sculpture by Rotary International

                          * First Prize in Bronze Sculpture at the Salon de Nice

                          * Bienale Internationale d'Art de Menton




1977-83             Paul works in the Calder family studio, moving off the "fast track" to devote her energy to reconciling her innate primitive artistic forces with her classical studies in Italy.  A unique figurative style begins to emerge, and Paul defines her first major series of bronze sculpture based on a specific distortion of perspective called anamorphous (first seen in two dimensional art in 16th century Europe, but recently revived by the French avant-garde: Cocteau, Barthes).1984

                               1984               A prominent American cardiologist sponsors Paul’s first visits to the United States, where she perceives that the very fluid
                            style and beauty of her
figures differs from that of many of her contemporaries here. Paul also renews her conviction that
                             her art must be understood to reflect her own intensely humanist, spiritual view of life.

                          * First exhibits in New York

                          * First Prize in Sculpture, Lions Club of Paris


1986-2005        In October, 1988 Anne Marie was named "Sculptor in Residence" at the University of Paris V111. As a visiting professor, Paul has a private atelier for instruction and private work.  Paul’s work is shown and collected internationally.   Paul currently shares a loft near Paris with her husband, the artist Jean Claude Bonillo, and is hard at work on her new major bronze sculpture series entitled "Les Portes" (Passageways).

2005                 Died - Paris, France


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